Established in 2014

Established in 2014 as an offshoot of Mana Contemporary, Mana Urban Arts Project (MUAP) began as a contemporary art project devoted to large-scale, site-specific installations by renowned street artists from around the world. The goal of MUAP is to support and pay tribute to this under-appreciated international community of artists and the communities which they impact.

In light of our nation’s current reckoning with a highly charged combination of endemic issues – among them systemic racism, extreme cultural/political polarization, climate change, and the global pandemic – MUAP has pivoted towards amplifying marginalized voices calling for long-overdue social, political, and environmental justice. It is our sincere hope that today’s protest art will lead to a brighter future, and serve as a constant historical reminder, for future generations.

To date, MUAP has invited, among others, Shepard Fairey (Los Angeles), Lauren YS (Los Angles), Kobra (Brazil), Ron English (Illinois), ROA (Belgium), Saturno (Spain), Hiero Veiga (Denver), Atomik (Miami), Faith47 (South Africa), Space Invader (France), Buff Monster (New York), How and Nosm (New York), Augustine Kofie (Los Angeles), Nychos (Austria), and COST (New York) to create signature works for this ever-evolving initiative.

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